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rig masterpost

ages ago I posted a fair bit about my guitar gear and aload of people were interested so I thought I’d keep the people who might (or might not anymore) care updated.

so ages ago I released a small post rock EP
looking back on that the mastering is appalling but the songs are okay I guess..
that was the last time I posted about what I was using for you GAS’rs so here you go:

Danelectro Wasabi. Danelectro have some cool pedals but their CEO donates $$$$$ to anti-gay activists all the time so I brought this off of ebay (plus it was cheaper! WOWEBAY) nice chorus & trem HOWEVER it’s fucking ugly & you really have to tweak it to stop affecting your volume.

EHX Memory Toy. Can’t go wrong!

Belcat Analog Delay. OMG FGYHJKDSA these are £20 brand new, metal MXR-ish box and everything and they are BRILLIANT. They’re not true bypass but are hardly tone sucking.

Ibanez Paul Gilbert AF-2. this is fucking fun. umm I think they’re £150 - £200 but it’s epic. It’s a flanger with a built in pitch-shifter and you can get some crazy ASIWYFA-ish sounds out of it.

Russian Big Muff. Better than the USA counterpart (I have owned both) I had to shop around for this, couldn’t find a UK stockist anywhere.

Behringer Slow Motion. This is the second one I have owned (fucking Behringer) it’s a clone of a really old Boss pedal that basically acts as a kind of one-directional volume sweep (as if you were rolling on the volume pot of your guitar).

Playing through a Laney LV300H and respective straight cab (angled cabs are ugly imo). Same amp Jamie Lenman from Reuben uses W00.

desperately want a reverse delay, digital reverb & the new digitech whammy:


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